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53 – Adjusting Blue Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of Mikko Herranen playing the drums for Kilt. The background was mostly colored with blue, of which I am not a big fan. So I adjusted it to be less saturated and more teal. Since there was also some orange, I boosted it with the split toning module. Here is the final […]

33 – I Almost Gave Up Lightroom Preset


We went to see Lame Duck to Lane and I shot some photos. The place looks really dull, which makes it hard to get good photos. When I looked through the photos one day after the gig I almost gave up and didn’t even want to try and edit them. However, the next day I […]

32 – Blue and Purple Lightroom Preset


Here I used the same photo as on my previous post. However, this time I completely changed the colors. I used SplitToning to color highlights purple and shadows blue. I increased the saturation so much that the original colors are almost gone. Here’s the final image with the preset applied. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET