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68 – Boosted Blue Shadows Lightroom Preset

I went to see Anttoni and his band Huonot Uutiset. Here’s a photo of him after the gig. The photo is fairly dark, so I started by maximizing the shadows slider. Then I used split toning to give some more vibe to the photo Here’s the final photo with the Lightroom preset applied. The shadows […]

67 – Brighter Punk Rock Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of Tom while he was playing in Circus with Punk Rock Band. In addition to the basic increase of the exposure, I added some greenish vibe with the split toning module. Here’s the final photo with the Lightroom preset applied. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

57 – Blind Channel @ Circus Lightroom Preset

Here’s another shot of Blind Channel, this time from the gig. What’s different in this preset compared to my other preset, I used only the basic module. About 99,9% of times I start by adjusting SplitToning module, but I felt that it’s unnecessary with this photo. Lots of the look is created by the reduced […]

55 – Crib45 Lightroom Preset

Crib45 was the last band in Sture21. They play kinda doom metal, so I tried no to use many colors. Here’s the original photo. As you can see, it’s all blue. I added some light and reduced most of the saturation in the basic adjustments module. The final image looks like this. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

53 – Adjusting Blue Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of Mikko Herranen playing the drums for Kilt. The background was mostly colored with blue, of which I am not a big fan. So I adjusted it to be less saturated and more teal. Since there was also some orange, I boosted it with the split toning module. Here is the final […]

36 – From Hot to Cold Lightroom Preset


Sometimes it is just amazing how much you can do just by changing white balance towards blue. First I pushed white balance all the way to the blue. Since there was a bit too much blue in some spots, I reduced the saturation of blue a bit. Here’s the final cold photo. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

32 – Blue and Purple Lightroom Preset


Here I used the same photo as on my previous post. However, this time I completely changed the colors. I used SplitToning to color highlights purple and shadows blue. I increased the saturation so much that the original colors are almost gone. Here’s the final image with the preset applied. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

04 – Green Rock Concert Lightroom Preset


Today’s photo of Jasse from Hybrid Children was shot in Virgin Oil with Samyang 8 mm fisheye lens. Check out what I wrote about the lens on MadCraft Blog. Here’s the original photo. There’s a strong blue light on the left. I felt that it was too strong so I tuned blues in HSL/Color module. […]

02 – Rock Concert Lightroom Preset


This one uses the same photo as my earlier post, since I wanted to try few different looks on the same photo. The first step I took was to increase the clarity of the photo. This is something I do with almost every photo I shoot. Usually I set the value in somewhere around 60-70, but sometimes even higher values […]

01 – Hybrid Children Lightroom Preset


I’m using Lightroom as my main photo editing software. I like it, since it’s so simple to use as it gives all the necessary tools with a good interface. All of the sliders are designed well and it’s way harder to ruin your photos like in Photoshop. I also love the preset system as it makes everything faster. Usually […]