47 – Colorblue in Fisheye Lightroom Preset

Here’s another photo of Colorblue, this time shot with Samyang 7.5 mm fisheye for MFT cameras. I used the previous Colorblue preset as a basis for this. However, it didn’t suit this photo really well, so I started by tuning the ToneCurve. Then I toggled on the SplitToning module and went for some blockbuster look. […]

46 – Afromikko in Blue Lightroom Preset

I went to see Colorblue to Elmun Baari, Helsinki, Finland. The singer Mikko (or Afromikko) was dressed in all blue. Here’s a photo of him shot with Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II + Olympus 45 mm 1.8. First I tinted white balance to green. Then I used Color panel to change blue back to the […]

45 – Jeijjo Ja Nupi @ Kivenlahtirock Lightoom Preset

Jeijjo Ja Nupi are rap artists from Olari, Espoo, Finland. I actually know these guys from school and I had no idea that they are doing music at all. However, here’s a photo of Jeijjo! I used mostly my default settings in the basic module. Biggest difference is the amount of contrast, which is usually […]

44 – Basic Settings / Summer Festival Lightroom Preset


Here’s a shot of Ismo Leikola. Here I just applied my basic settings and there wasn’t really much left to do. However, I added some vignette. And here’s the final image. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET Here’s also before and after of an image of the Ismo Leikola band. And finally a live video from their show […]

Camera Settings for Music Photography

I know that new photographers struggle with camera settings, so I decided to tell something about my typical settings. To begin with, I suggest that you get a camera that has full manual settings. This can be what ever, such as mine Canon 60D DSLR. This way you have full control over the exposure in […]