Besides shooting and editing photos and videos, I started mixing music! Currently I’m in the situation in which I’m looking for some music to be mixed! By far I have only mixed stems bought online, but I now I would like to start mixing some real recordings. It may be a demo, single, EP, or whatever.

Soundwise I’m most familiar with genres such as pop punk, rock, and metal. I have to say that I’m not good at all in lofi type of sound, instead I want everything to be big, punchy, and slamming!

My musical background consists of playing guitar and singing, and I also have good understanding of bass and drums. Even though I have played guitar for many years, I don’t do mixes that can be immediately noticed to be mixed by a guitarist. I also like to master my mixes, so there’s no need for additional mastering.

If you’re interested, send me a message via email: or use any other service such as Twitter!