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68 – Boosted Blue Shadows Lightroom Preset

I went to see Anttoni and his band Huonot Uutiset. Here’s a photo of him after the gig. The photo is fairly dark, so I started by maximizing the shadows slider. Then I used split toning to give some more vibe to the photo Here’s the final photo with the Lightroom preset applied. The shadows […]

24 – Bassist Lightroom Preset


Once again the stage was full of red. I reduced saturation in order to see some more details. Then I slightly tuned the colors in SplitToning module. The final image looks like this. It looks a lot the same as the previous image, but actually it is processed in a fully different way. DOWNLOAD THE […]

23 – Lightroom Preset for Rock Music


I hate it when light technisians use red and greenish lights at the same time. Usually they don’t match as well as they should, and the result is awful. So I started by reducing vibrance and saturation to get rid of the green. Then I used SplitToning to bring back all of the colors. Highlights […]

22 – Red Lights Lightroom Preset


Here’s another shot of Deathstars @ Tavastia. I used the basic module to increase the temperature and to reduce vibrance. Then I used SplitToning to add some color to highlights. The final image looks like this. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

20 – Color Vignette Lightroom Preset


This time I reduced the contrast to value -41 and increased exposure, since the photo is quite dark. To recover some lost contrast I increased the clarity close to +100. I also reduced the saturation to -54. Then I added a radial mask over the whole image. This way I could create a colored vignette. […]

19 – Rock Band Lightroom Preset


This photo was shot as Mekanism was playing in On The Rocks, Helsinki. As you can see the photo is extremely dark. I used the basic module to brighten up the image. I had to increase the exposure a one full stop. I also lifted the shadows and decreased the saturation. Then I used SplitToning […]

12 – Boosted Highlights Lightroom Preset


Once again the base photo is the same as on the previous post. I decreased the saturation and compensated it by adding some contrast. The blue tone of the photo comes mainly from the SplitToning module. I added split tone only to the shadows. The final photo looks like this. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET