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58 – MadCraft @ Circus Lightroom Preset

We were supporting Simple Plan with MadCraft while they were playing in Finland. As I was on the stage, I gave my camera to our lead singer’s brother Ted who shot this picture. In my opinion it was shot with too wide angle, so I cropped it a lot to show only Arto, MadCraft’s bass […]

56 – Blind Channel Soundcheck Lightroom Preset

MadCraft and Blind Channel were the opening acts for Simple Plan while they were performing in Circus, Helsinki, Finland. Here’s one photo that I shot during the soundcheck of Blind Channel. I used Lightroom’s splittoning to push the blacks more towards blue. This way I got a bit rid of the yellowish cast. Since there […]

53 – Adjusting Blue Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of Mikko Herranen playing the drums for Kilt. The background was mostly colored with blue, of which I am not a big fan. So I adjusted it to be less saturated and more teal. Since there was also some orange, I boosted it with the split toning module. Here is the final […]

36 – From Hot to Cold Lightroom Preset


Sometimes it is just amazing how much you can do just by changing white balance towards blue. First I pushed white balance all the way to the blue. Since there was a bit too much blue in some spots, I reduced the saturation of blue a bit. Here’s the final cold photo. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

35 – Neutral Lightroom Preset


This time I got to shoot Lame Duck in pretty nice lights. Everything was orange, which I boosted with daylight white balance and there were plenty of lights which produced nice lens flares. I didn’t do much, just my basic settings. And here’s the final photo. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

10 – Low Saturated Lightroom Preset

This preset is a lot like the previous preset, so I used the same photo. Most of the settings are quite the same, but the biggest difference is that vibrance is reduced to value -100. The final photo is more rock than the original or the 09. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

09 – Warm Lightroom Preset with Bam Margera


MadCraft was the warm-up act for Bam Margera Is Fuckface Unstoppable on their gig in Helsinki, Finland. I had the chance to shoot some photos of those guys. The venue Virgin Oil is different from most of the other venues in Helsinki, since it actually has pretty good lights. Because the original photo is quite […]

05 – Blue Photo LR Preset


Today I’m using the same photo as on my previous post, but this time I’m gonna make it blue! It all starts with a custom white balance. Temperature of the photo is closer to blue. Then I used SplitToning to add some more blue by adding blue to the shadows. The final photo looks like […]

04 – Green Rock Concert Lightroom Preset


Today’s photo of Jasse from Hybrid Children was shot in Virgin Oil with Samyang 8 mm fisheye lens. Check out what I wrote about the lens on MadCraft Blog. Here’s the original photo. There’s a strong blue light on the left. I felt that it was too strong so I tuned blues in HSL/Color module. […]