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69 – Subtle Vibrance Boost

Since the Summer is almost here (yeah right…), here’s a photo of Anttoni [Huonot Uutiset] from last Summer. I wanted to keep the colors untouched, so I just did some adjustments in the basic module in order to make the photo pop a little bit more. As always, I had to add some vignette. Here’s […]

67 – Brighter Punk Rock Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of Tom while he was playing in Circus with Punk Rock Band. In addition to the basic increase of the exposure, I added some greenish vibe with the split toning module. Here’s the final photo with the Lightroom preset applied. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

66 – Green Vibe Music Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of Hade, the bassist of Punk Rock Band. The photo is quite dark, so I increased exposure and shadows. I also decreased contrast, which is an easy to way to make dark photos look brighter. I used spilt toning to give a greenish look the photo. I added green to the shadows […]

65 – More Dramatic Lightroom Preset

Here’s another shot of EME. The evening was getting darker, so I felt that I had to go for something more dramatic with this one. I started by adjusting white balance towards cold. After this the whole look is mostly done with clarity slider. Increasing clarity makes any photo look more dramatic. However, the effect […]

64 – Inverse Blockbuster Split Toning Lightroom Preset

EME was also performing in Lempilava @ Kallio Block Party 2016. Here’s one photo from that gig. I started by increasing warmth with white balance. Then I went for inverse blockbuster split toning, so I pushed highlights towards blue and shadows towards orange. The final photo ended up like this. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET Here’s also […]

63 – Punk Rock Band Lightroom Preset

Punk Rock Band is almost the official cover band that plays solely punk rock! I went to shoot a live video for them, and of course I had to shoot some photos too. So here’s a photo of Emppu. First I started by adjusting the white balance towards cold. I lifted blacks with the tone […]

62 – Subtle Enhancement Lightroom Preset

I have still one more photo of Ylona from Lempilava / Kallio Block Party. Basically all photos can be a bit brighter, so I started by boosting shadows Then I toned the photo a bit with split toning, because I felt that it could be slightly warmer. There’s not much difference in the edited photo, […]

59 – Getting Ready for Summer Lightroom Preset

This time of the year must be the best possible time to go through some photos from the last summer. Here’s one photo of the guitarist of Ylona, while they were playing in Lempilava @ Kallio Block Party 2016. As so many times before, I didn’t really like that blue roof, so I went to […]