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33 – I Almost Gave Up Lightroom Preset


We went to see Lame Duck to Lane and I shot some photos. The place looks really dull, which makes it hard to get good photos. When I looked through the photos one day after the gig I almost gave up and didn’t even want to try and edit them. However, the next day I […]

18 – Live Band Lightroom Preset


Here’s Jasse again. This time I pushed clarity to +100 and reduced saturation to -51. I also boosted whites and lowered blacks. I finished the photo with a vignette. You could do a vignette in lens corrections module, but I like the Effects module more. The final photo looks like this. It is quite similar […]

17 – Music Photography Lightroom Preset


I got this photo of Jasse while he was lifting his guitar. The stage was full of green, but in my opinion it was too bright. The whole look is crafted in Lightroom’s Basic module. I used both, the contrast slider and the individual controls to increase the overall contrast of the image. The final […]