There are many ways to use Lightroom presets. You can use them to do a single attribute, such as increase exposure or saturation, and stack these individual actions to create the whole look. However, I like it better when the whole look comes from a single preset.

On the left of the screen you can find the Navigator, that shows you the preview of the photo and a list of all of your presets. What I usually do, is that I hover the mouse over the presets and look how each of them affects the preview image.


As you look at the preview, you can quite easily tell if the presets fits with your current photo or not. It also helps a lot if you have no clue what to do with the photo, since you can see multiple different styles in a short period of time. I usually just go through the presets and pick the first that suits the photo.





After you’ve found a good preset, you should check out the basic module. Since the photo for which the preset was made is definitely different than the one you have, you should adjust the exposure and white balance of your photo.


For example, the exposure affects how the photo reacts to the adjustments made in the SplitToning module.

If some presets look all wrong, the first thing you should do is to check out the white balance of your own shot. If it is different than the one that I used in my photo, it’s no surprise that your photos look strange or at least different than mine.

Actually, the white balance affects the photo so crucially, that you should always experiment with it a little.

If the download link doesn’t work, use CTRL+click and select Save As…

I am a rock photographer (camera owner) from Helsinki, Finland. I play guitar in pop punk band MadCraft and started rock photography by shooting photos of bands that we played with. As I noticed that there aren't many music concert photography focused Lightroom presets around, I decided to share the ones that I create during my editing. Presets can be used as they are or they can be used as a starting point, so they are suitable for beginners and more advanced music photographers. If you'd like to support my work, check out the Buy Presets section! From there you can buy preset packs, which will give you a bit easier access to my presets.

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