This photo was shot as Mekanism was playing in On The Rocks, Helsinki. As you can see the photo is extremely dark.


I used the basic module to brighten up the image. I had to increase the exposure a one full stop. I also lifted the shadows and decreased the saturation.


Then I used SplitToning module to create blockbuster colors.


Since the red color was a bit too desaturated, I increased its saturation and luminance in the HSL/Color/B&W module.


The final photo looks like this.



If the download link doesn’t work, use CTRL+click and select Save As…

I am a rock photographer (camera owner) from Helsinki, Finland. I play guitar in pop punk band MadCraft and started rock photography by shooting photos of bands that we played with. As I noticed that there aren't many music concert photography focused Lightroom presets around, I decided to share the ones that I create during my editing. Presets can be used as they are or they can be used as a starting point, so they are suitable for beginners and more advanced music photographers. If you'd like to support my work, check out the Buy Presets section! From there you can buy preset packs, which will give you a bit easier access to my presets.

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