56 – Blind Channel Soundcheck Lightroom Preset

Blind Channel Circus

MadCraft and Blind Channel were the opening acts for Simple Plan while they were performing in Circus, Helsinki, Finland. Here’s one photo that I shot during the soundcheck of Blind Channel. I used Lightroom’s splittoning to push the blacks more towards blue. This way I got a bit rid of the yellowish cast. Since there […]

55 – Crib45 Lightroom Preset


Crib45 was the last band in Sture21. They play kinda doom metal, so I tried no to use many colors. Here’s the original photo. As you can see, it’s all blue. I added some light and reduced most of the saturation in the basic adjustments module. The final image looks like this. DOWNLOAD THE PRESET

54 – Sole Remedy Music Photography Lightroom Preset

Here’s a photo of the bassist of Sole Remedy. There was quite little light, only a dim main light and the background was lightened with few led lights. Since blockbuster colors work well if every photo, I used that look once again. That blue gives nice edge to the photo. Here’s the final photo.

53 – Adjusting Blue Lightroom Preset

Mikko Herranen

Here’s a photo of Mikko Herranen playing the drums for Kilt. The background was mostly colored with blue, of which I am not a big fan. So I adjusted it to be less saturated and more teal. Since there was also some orange, I boosted it with the split toning module. Here is the final […]

47 – Colorblue in Fisheye Lightroom Preset


Here’s another photo of Colorblue, this time shot with Samyang 7.5 mm fisheye for MFT cameras. I used the previous Colorblue preset as a basis for this. However, it didn’t suit this photo really well, so I started by tuning the ToneCurve. Then I toggled on the SplitToning module and went for some blockbuster look. […]